European Peace Walk Day 21

Gornja Košana, Slovenia – Ocizla, Slovenia Approximate Distance: 29kms We left early morning as we had a big day ahead. We had 20 kilometres to walk before we would arrive at Skocjan caves, a world heritage site. It was then 10 kilometres to our nights accommodation, so depending on how long we spent at the […]

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European Peace Walk Day 20

Postojna, Slovenia — Gornja Košana, Slovenia Approximate Distance: 24kms Off we went, all dry from our drenching the day before and happy to see the sun shining. Beautiful country walking for a couple of hours which took us to a riding school camp where we had breakfast. Our waiter was gorgeous and he reminded me […]

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European Peace Walk Day 19

Bistra, Slovenia – Postojna, Slovenia Approximate Distance: 31kms Big day today. Most road walking we have done. Because of previous posts from walkers, we decided to forego the arrows and notes and use the gps. Half of the day was walking through woods that were being logged. The gps took us very close to some […]

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European Peace Walk. Day 18

Ljubljana, Slovenia — Bistra, Slovenia Approximate Distance: 25kms Again beautiful walking day. Lots of quiet country lanes and wonderful crystal clear river walking. Got to spend time with our feet in some freezing water. Clare said it was the coldest water she had felt, but I think she’s a little soft. 😝 The day seemed […]

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European Peace Walk. Day 14

Day 14 Zagorska Sela, Croatia — Brezice, Slovenia Approximate Distance: 30km We all left early morning walking in beautiful fog. A quiet 5 kilometre to the Slovenian border, where we all had to show our passports to get out of Croatia and back into Slovenia. It all felt a little serious, especially passing the razor […]

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European Peace Walk Day 13

Day 13 Krapina, Croatia – Zagorska Sela, Croatia Approximate Distance: 33km Little disappointing saying goodbye to Craig, Clare, Tim and Eli this morning, but hey, I’m in Croatia and have nothing to feel sad about, life is amazing!!!!! Bel, one of a group of walkers behind us, arrived this morning with her walkers bags, she […]

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