European Peace Walk Final day walking!!!!

Ocizla, Slovenia – Trieste!
Approximate Distance: 20kms
And so our last day together walking the peace walk is here.
I think I could safely say we are all a little sad as we head off knowing this is our last walk together, but also very proud and grateful of what we have all achieved.
No mad dash just a nice leisurely stroll through the country, passing cute farm animals and walking down through some very steep forest, until we arrived at the Slovenian and Italian border!!! For me that moment left me feeing very emotional, that we had come all this way, through countries that had been under communist rule. For the life of me I will never understand or like that we create borders keeping people like slaves. We are all human and when we do this we seperate ourselves from the whole of the human race. Why we can’t all live in peace and love each other confuses and saddens me. Yes I know there are a thousand reasons why, but not one of them makes sense to me, because it is really so simple, just except each other!!!!! So I gave my walkers a warm hug and on I walked.
Not long after we got very excited as we saw the ocean for the first time. We even had a few goats greet us as we were walking (it was a day full of animals today).
“At this point begins gravel path along the old route of the railway lines to Trieste, the so-called line or Hrpelje Hrpeljska – Kozina – Trieste. The track was built in 1887, but it was abolished in 1959. The railway in the past represented a link between Trieste and Pula. Due to the extremely high inclination (32.7 ‰) vertical drop of about 490 m and length of about 19 km, the railway was in extreme weather conditions almost useless.
Railway had 13 bridges and 5 tunnels, the longest of which is 224 m long tunnel Ricmanje. Today, the former railway line was converted into an excellent bike and walking path”.
We got to follow this all the way into Trieste for about 9 kilometres.
Half way we decided to follow Elly again and go 200 metres downhill to find somewhere for coffee as I think we weren’t in a hurry to finish this amazing adventure we had shared. Found a beautiful spot where we shared our last morning and first Italian coffee on the road together. Then off back uphill to return to our path. About an hr later we finally arrived in Trieste.
What can I say that I haven’t already said, this defiantly was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Thank you EPW!!!!!!!!! The end (for now)!!!!!!!!!

On the road again
Last time for this little group


These sheep had their very own run down house


Long dark tunnel, thank goodness for the lights


Not far now


Dancing into Trieste
Very expensive beer but very delicious
ELLY being cheeky


And so it ends….sad goodbye to George
Goodbye our friends

17 thoughts on “European Peace Walk Final day walking!!!!

  1. I enjoyed your blog very much and I felt as you did at the end of this amazing walk. So sad it was over but so many wonderful memories. Thank you.


  2. Thank you so much for your lovely account and photographs of your last days walk on your European Peace Walk. Your account is sensitive and authentic and so positive about this epic walk still in its infancy but now assured of a future because of the positivity of the 2016 walkers like yourselves.
    Long live the European Peace Walk.


  3. Finally caught up with your wonderful blogs. Thankyou for sharing your amazing journey andthe eexperiences you had and well done on all that walking. I have enjoyed every moment. Enjoy the rest of your travels
    love you guys xxx


  4. Dear Kate and Craig, what an amazing adventure you’ve had!!! I’m so inspired to follow in your footsteps. As you know we’ve just been in Europe too, for Julian’s wedding ~ during the month we were away Ian drove nearly 4,000kms on the wrong side of the road from Cologne through Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy and back. It was fabulous but all a blurrr already. To do what you did is how I want to do it next time. To take the time to experience everything more deeply. Love you two, and I look forward to the day when we meet up again, With gratitude and love, Linda (& Ian) xx


    1. Hey beautiful, Thanks for that! Maybe next time you guys can spend some time walking with us. Germany, Scotland, England?????? Would be lovely to walk quietly with you two!!!! Love you guys so much!!!! xoxoxox


  5. I have just loved your blog and thank you for sharing stories and photos and inspiring us in a different personal experience way. Ian and i are planning to walk next year. And another story… we have also walked with Ellie…together we walked camino portugese a few years back. It was so good to see her beautiful self and have her included in your story. Your sharing so appreciated. Tess


    1. That’s so cool!!!!!!!!!!!! Eli was a wonderful walking partner….so much so that we decided to spend that time with her in Croatia after the walk…its was hard saying goodbye to her….Im glad you enjoyed my blog and let me know how your walk goes next year….its was the most amazing experience and I would love to do it again but alas I think there are too many walks to do in one life time. Thanks again and have the time of your lives Cheers Kate 🙂


      1. Thanks Kate. Just wanted to pass on the name of a book i am reading at the moment about Hungrey… amazing story set around two gandmothers and a grandson…thought provoking and story telling and relevant to peace walk…called …a crime in the family…by sacha batthyany….best wishes. Tess


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